1. Introduction

The content on the website www.emahajobs.com and its mobile application is managed by its owner and related personal and is collectively referred as ‘eMahaJobs’. At eMahaJobs we give your personal and related information at most importance.

The privacy policy governs the way in which the eMahaJobs website and app collects and maintains information collected from each of user, which is applicable to the www.emahajobs.com website and all products (including the app) & services of eMahaJobs.  

  1. Personal/Non-Personal Information

At eMahaJobs we may collect personal and non-personal identification information from the user like most website operators. The non-personal information may contain types of computers, OS(operating system), IP and other similar information. The personal info may contain browser type, date and time, name & email address. This personal info such as name, email address is collected only if user visiting the website voluntarily submit. This is totally depend on user, whether to submit this information or not and if not he or she may be prevented from certain site related activities. The other ways includes but not limited to for gathering info are subscription to the newsletter and other activities we may carry out on our website.

  1. Web Browser Cookies

At eMahaJobs we use cookies to enhance user experience. Cookies are nothing but a bunch of information saved on visitors computer by the website he visits, which is used by website each time the visitor visits or returns to the site. A user may refuse to cookies on their system and may set or block (refuse) cookies option. But, this may result in user interface experience as site may not function properly. We at eMahaJobs, as said earlier may use this cookies to enhance user experience and improve our website and its related content.

  1. Information Protection.

At eMahaJobs we take appropriate measures for data collection, storage of Information, alteration, unauthorised access or malfunctioning practices. eMahaJobs also takes appropriate steps for your personal information, username and password and all other information stored on our website. Users, visiting our website should also know that at eMahaJobs we do not sell, rent or make trade of users personal information. We may Circulate this information for eMahaJobs employees for site enhancement and provide user with related information, Also, Improve customer service experience, user service requests or to send periodic emails (if subscribed).We may store your information with our business partners, affiliates and advertisers which are trusted one. Users, must also be aware that information, messages in forums or in comment box becomes public, which increases your chances of getting unwanted communication proposals.

  1. Third Party Links. 

eMahaJobs website & app may contain links to third parties website. We do not control the content or link that appear on this website and not responsible for the information you provide to this third party website. It’s the responsibility of these third party website to protect your information and eMahaJobs and its related services are not liable for misuse or disclosure of your personal information by third party website. Also all logos and Trademark symbols used belong to their respective owner.

  1. Advertisements

Advertisement appearing on our website & app may be delivered to user by advertising partner who use cookies. This cookies allows the advertiser to recognise your computer. Each time they send you an online advertisement to compare non personal identification about you or other who use your system for browsing. This information allows ad network to, among other thing, deliver targeted advertisement that they believe will be of most interest to you. This privacy of cookies is covered by eMahaJobs and does not cover the use of cookies by any advertisers.